Hypertensive Kidney Disease Management with Diet & Home Remedies

HypertensionHypertension is one of the major causes of kidney disease and kidney failure. When your blood pressure is high the heart has to work extra and this results in damaged blood vessels throughout the body especially kidneys.

Resultantly the kidneys fail to excrete extra fluids and nitrogenous wastes and this further increases blood pressure and cause other complications. Symptoms include higher or worsening blood pressure; lower output of urine; difficulty in urination; edema in lower legs, face and hands; and increased frequency of urination especially at night.

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As blood pressure has no apparent symptom, regular health check-ups can only reveal its increase. Blood levels of urea or creatinine, presence of blood or protein in the urine as well as MRI, CT scan or ultrasound reveal kidney damage.

Treatment involves medicine to control hypertension. People with chronic kidney disease need to maintain their blood pressure at 130/80. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are used to reduce blood pressure and they also have a protective effect on the kidneys.

Natural therapies that are beneficial for hypertensive kidney disease include:

Fish oil: Rich in omega 3 fatty acids they lower blood pressure naturally and have protective effects on the kidney.

Garlic: It helps to reduce blood pressure and promotes kidney health by virtue of its diuretic properties. You can consume raw crushed garlic, garlic soup or garlic pearls regularly to get the benefits. Lots of garlic can be added to your dishes while cooking.

Cranberries and cranberry juice: Presence of optimal amounts of vitamin C, anti-inflammatory anthocyanins, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus in cranberries and its juice, makes them useful in enhancing kidney functioning and regulating the blood pressure. For making cranberry juice it is healthier to use unsweetened concentrate which should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1:3.

Pea protein is said to be good for both hypertension and chronic kidney disease.

Hawthorne: The herb hawthorne works against blood pressure by dilating coronary blood vessels and this in turn also is beneficial for effective kidney functioning.

A decoction made using organic dry hydrangea root, dry gravel root and dry burdock root consumed three times a day regularly for months helps to reverse kidney disease and restore its normal functioning.

Acupuncture is also beneficial in reducing blood pressure, revitalizing the kidneys and improving immunity. Extremely thin stainless steel needles are inserted at specific points to ease the symptoms of the disease.


: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products. Salt or sodium intake should not cross 2000 milligrams. Frozen and packaged foods should be avoided. Diet should be low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Add a fiber supplement like psyllium or methylcellulose to your diet as it will help the kidneys to excrete the uremic toxins. Too much alcohol should not be consumed and smoking should be avoided as well.

Optimal weight needs to be maintained for which at least half an hour of walking, cycling or swimming should be done regularly.