How to Treat Acute Kidney Disease: Natural Remedies & Diet

Acute kidney disease refers to rapid loss of kidney function resulting in complete kidney failure. Causative factors include low volume of blood; low blood pressure; heart failure; urinary tract obstruction and damage to the glomeruli, renal tubules, or interstitium of the kidneys.

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Symptoms of Acute Kidney Disease

Symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, headache, nausea and vomiting resulting from deposition of uric acid and nitrogenous waste in the blood. Irregular heartbeats due to increase in potassium and hampered fluid balance is also present. Edema and pain in flanks is experienced by the patients.

Acute Kidney Disease Treatment

Treatment involves correcting the underlying cause and avoiding kidney damaging nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics like gentamicin and other substances. In many a cases intravenous fluid administration brings improvement in functional capacities of kidneys and in low blood pressure patients cardiac output and renal function is improved by giving norepinephrine and dobutamine. Diuretics are also used for treatment and renal replacement therapy becomes important in case of renal failure.

Natural therapies for acute kidney disease include:

  1. Kelp: It is beneficial for acute kidney disease patients as it serves as a natural diuretic. The herb is rich in iodine, iron and various vitamins and minerals that required by the body to keep functioning well and enhancing the vitality of kidneys.
  2. Ginger: It works by cleansing the kidneys. You can either drink ginger tea or add lots of ginger in your daily recipes.
  3. Uva ursi or bearberry: It stimulates kidney functioning and is beneficial in treating chronic urinary infections by virtue of its anti-bacterial properties thereby keeping acute kidney disease at bay. 10 grams of the leaf of this herb needs to be consumed daily.
  4. Juniper berries are good for acute kidney disease as they enhance flow of urine from the kidneys and clear kidney congestion.
  5. Calcury: This herb is good for kidneys and prevents stone formation and urinary tract infection which lead to acute kidney failure.
  6. Dandelion: It works by virtue of its diuretic properties helping in waste excretion from the kidneys which is usually hampered by acute kidney disease. 500 mg of standardized powder extract of its leaf needs to be taken twice or thrice a day.
  7. Basil: Basil leaves juice taken along with honey daily for 6 months works as an effective diuretic, keeps a check at our uric acid levels as well as cleanses and strengthens the kidney.
  8. A combination of carob herbs and bilberry juice stimulates kidneys and promote excretion of urea.
  9. A decoction made using cherry flower stalks or dry fruit should be taken thrice a day after the main meals to promote urination. By virtue of its diuretic properties it helps to flush out the nitrogenous wastes that get deposited as a result of acute kidney disease.
  10. Some natural homeopathic medicines that are good for treating various symptoms and cause of acute renal failure include Aconite, Apocynum, Apis mellifica, Arsenicum, Aurum muriaticum, Belladonna, etc.
  11. Dietary recommendation: Diet should be high in carbohydrates but low in protein and salt. Avoid refined, processed and fried food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables low in potassium. Fluid intake should be more than urine output.

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