How to Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease Naturally with Home Remedies

Progressive renal failure occurring as a result of some genetic problem; injury or overreaction to some drugs; and various diseases is called chronic kidney disease. Hypertension and diabetes enhances the risks of the disease. Early detection and prompt treatment is must to delay its progression and reduce various complications.

Is Chronic Kidney Disease Curable Naturally ?

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Symptoms include increase or decrease in the frequency of urination; swelling in face, hands or legs; fatigue; deposition of waste material in blood; loss of appetite and a metallic taste in the mouth due to uremia; hyperphosphatemia; hypocalcemia; pain in bones and chest etc.

You can treat chronic kidney disease naturally by the following ways:

Herbal treatment:Home Remedies

Cornsilk: Consume its tea 2 to 3 times a day to treat infection of kidney, reduce chances of stone formation and edema.

Dandelion: Dandelion roots and leaves decoction is good for correcting kidney disease by virtue of its diuretic properties.

Astragalus: Consuming 250 mg to 500 mg of the standardized extract of astragalus thrice or four times a day is beneficial for chronic kidney disease as it reduces inflammation of kidneys and works as a diuretic.

Basil: Basil leaves juice taken along with honey daily for 6 months works as an effective diuretic, dissolves kidney stones, keeps a check at our uric acid levels as well as cleanses and strengthens the kidney.

Ayurvedic treatment:

Gokshura: This herb helps to maintain effective kidney functioning by promoting proper urination, reducing kidney discomforts and removing stones. One capsule of 60 to 250 mg strength needs to be taken twice a day after meals.

Mutrakrichantak Churna which contains herbs like Punarnava, Varuna, Shigru, Apamarg etc. is beneficial in reviving kidney failure naturally. It also helps to reduce accompanying fluid accumulation and kidney tissue inflammation. 1 to 2 teaspoons need to be taken twice a day for a week to get the benefits.

Traditional Chinese medicine:

Acupuncture is used to ease the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. It reduces blood pressure, relieves prolonged pain, revitalizes the kidneys and improves immunity. This helps to delay dialysis.

Lei Gong Teng: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this herb is being used successfully to treat polycystic kidney disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural alternative treatment for kidney failure which is used externally.  Processing of Chinese herbal medicines is done and then they are put into two bags which are kept under the lower back of patient. The herbal medicines are absorbed directly by the kidneys with the help of an osmosis device. It works by reversing kidney damage and restoring normal kidney functioning.


Many medicines like Ammonium carbonicum, aurum metallicum, Cuprum Aas etc. are used to treat to various symptoms of chronic kidney disease. These work to reduce chances of kidney dialysis.


You need to avoid protein rich foods like chicken, red meat, pork, beef and animal organs.

Highly salted and processed foods need to be avoided.

Avoid high-potassium foods like oranges, bananas, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. Vegetables like eggplant, garlic, rutabagas, winter squash, beets, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, celery, peppers and onion should be part of your diet.

Low potassium fruits and whole grains need to be consumed.

Add a fiber supplement to your diet.

Improvised Home Remedies for Kidney Disease.

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