Alternative Treatments To Reverse Kidney Disease

Alternative TreatmentsCaused by genetic problems; some injury or overreaction to some drugs; and diseases like glomerulonephritis, prostate disease, pin worm infestation of kidney, vasculitis, polycystic kidney disease and hemolytic-uremic syndrome, kidney disease result in progressive loss of renal function.

Symptoms include increase or decrease in the frequency of urination; urgency to urinate at night; edema of face, hands or legs; fatigue; epidermal rashes or itching due to deposition of waste material in blood; loss of appetite and a metallic taste in the mouth due to uremia; hyperphosphatemia; hypocalcemia; pain in bones and chest; and accumulation of fluid in the lungs causing shortness of breath.

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Alternative therapies for kidney disease include:

Herbal remedies:

Astragalus: Consuming 250 mg to 500 mg of the standardized extract of astragalus thrice or four times a day is beneficial for kidney disease as it reduces inflammation of kidneys and works as a diuretic.

Basil: Basil leaves juice taken along with honey daily for 6 months works as an effective diuretic, dissolves kidney stones, keeps a check at our uric acid levels as well as cleanses and strengthens the kidney.

Dandelion: A decoction made using dandelion roots and leaves is good for correcting kidney disease by virtue of its diuretic properties. It helps to flush out the excess fluid from the body and prevents edema resulting from kidney disease.

Ayurvedic remedies:

An Ayurvedic product by the name of Mutrakrichantak Churna which contains herbs like Punarnava, Varuna, Shigru, Apamarg etc. is beneficial in reviving kidney failure naturally. It also helps to reduce accompanying fluid accumulation and kidney tissue inflammation. 1 to 2 teaspoons need to be taken twice a day for a week to get the benefits.

Gokshura: In Ayurvedic medicine this herb is used extensively to maintain effective kidney functioning as it helps in proper urination, reduces kidney discomforts and removes stones. One capsule of 60 to 250 mg strength needs to be taken twice a day after meals.


In homeopathy many medicines like Ammonium carbonicum, aurum metallicum, Cuprum Aas etc. are used to treat to various symptoms of kidney disease. These work to reduce chances of kidney dialysis.


It is beneficial for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease as it helps to enhance kidney functioning and relieves various discomforts associated with the disease. Certain postures like cobra pose, camel pose, lifting legs and breathing exercises are said to be beneficial. Beginners should consult a yoga practitioner before deciding on the yoga postures therapeutic for them.


Extremely thin stainless steel needles are inserted at specific points to revitalize the kidneys. Acupuncture helps to ease the symptoms of chronic kidney disease by reducing blood pressure, relieving prolonged pain and improving immunity. This helps to delay dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a natural alternative treatment for kidney failure which is used externally.  Processing of Chinese herbal medicines is done and then they are put into two bags which are kept under the lower back of patients. The herbal medicines are absorbed directly by the kidneys with the help of an osmosis device. It works by reversing kidney damage and restoring normal kidney functioning.

Along with all these your diet should be low in protein, sodium and potassium. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products should be consumed. Plenty of fluid consumption is also must.

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